Reliable and easy to use, the GoldXpert XRF analyzer is ideal for pawn shops, cash-for-gold operations, jewelry manufacturers, coin collectors or anyone involved in the business of buying and recycling scrap jewelry.

  • On-the-spot gold karat classification, 0-24 kt
  • Identification of impurities
  • Accurate compositional analysis of gold, platinum, silver, and other precious and alloying elements
  • Verification of gold content in scrap metal
  • Determination of gold and silver content in coinage
  • Identifies and analyzes unknown metals for
    pricing, or even lead screening
  • Gold plating identification
  • Identifying gold, silver, platinum, and palladium ​in dental alloys

GoldXpert Sample Holder

Typical Applications

Features and Benefits

The GoldXpert for gold testing and non destructive precious metals analysis is equipped with an articulating sample-holder arm to secure and orient samples for analysis. The sample holder is ideal for small-component and mixed-metal jewelry testing.

The GoldXpert is available in two configurations: the standard GoldXpert and the high-performance GoldXpert SDD. The GoldXpert SDD is equipped with an advanced Silicon Drift Detector, enabling better precision and sensitivity for the most critical of applications.

The GoldXpert SDD offers a two-fold improvement in precision and sensitivity over the GoldXpert. For example, for a 20-second long test on an 18 kt gold standard, the GoldXpert will yield an Au precision of ±0.125%, while the GoldXpert SDD will yield an Au precision of ±0.067%. Longer testing times provide better precision. Shorter testing times can be utilized for rough, approximate analysis.

The GoldXpert SDD is recommended for refiners who need the utmost in analytical precision and fast reading times. The standard GoldXpert is suggested for general karating and trading applications.

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  • Powerful 4 W X-ray tube provides reliable and accurate analytical performance.
  • Speed: Delivers fast results within seconds.
  • Portability: Can be powered by a compact battery for on-the-road analysis.
  • Easy and accurate measurement automatically adjusts for the shape and size of the sample.
  • Automatic karat determination
  • Large data storage capacity for test archiving.
  • Easy data export and reporting for immediate certification generation
  • Integrated camera and small spot collimation for focused analysis and sample image archiving
  • Completely nondestructive testing method.
  • Innovative feature to help identify gold-plated objects

GoldXpert Au Results vs. Certified Au, wt%

GoldXpert Pd Results vs. Certified Pd, wt%

Repeatability Plot

Twenty repeat GoldXpert readings on an 18 kt certified gold alloy standard

GoldXpert accuracy for Pd in assayed dental amalgams

GoldXpert accuracy for Au in assayed dental amalgams

GoldXpert Accuracy for Au and Pd in Assayed Dental Alloys

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GoldXpert for Gold Testing and Non Destructive Precious Metals Analysis